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Reaching your brand to the right audience and enabling you to achieve those marketing goals.

    Inbound Marketing.

    What if you could attract the right target personas with the right content at places where they are likely to find your brand, convert them into well-qualified leads and guide them to the winning post, while being helpful and adding value through their buyer-journey? Inbound marketing does just that. Inbound is more than just a methodology. It’s a business philosophy that touches every aspect of your business. We help you navigate market, process and tools to get the right results.


    Content is central to any inbound marketing plan. Through quality content creation and effective content distribution, you can position your product or service as the preferred solution for your target personas. From devising messaging, formats and form factors to providing the right call-to- action (CTAs), our team of marketers, designers and content writers put together the perfect demand generation strategy for you.

    Buyer Personas

    8 out of 10 B2B businesses we interact with do not have an articulate buyer persona. As a precursor to all our engagements, we build and document ideal buyer persona/s for our clients. All strategy, marketing objectives and communication are then oriented to interact with these personas. Thereby building a relevant funnel with high conversion.


    Track your buyer and assist him through his journey. Use measures such as lead scoring with marketing automation to triage and prioritize your leads. Direct your interaction and engagements to qualified leads and prospects that are most likely to convert.

    Assessment & Goal Setting.

    Our Inbound experts spend time with your teams to experience first-hand, the challenges and solutions faced by your potential buyers. This includes website and content audits, SEO assessment, keyword analysis, competitor analysis and historical performance of marketing campaigns. The outcome is clear revenue goals and right KPIs.


    The process of converting your customer to a promoter requires sustained effort. Unlike traditional ‘farming’ and ‘Account management’ strategies, Inbound warrants the use of the right tools and content for continuous engagement with customers, delighting them and supporting them.

    HubSpot Services.

    As a niche player focused on B2B marketing, the QiWorks team has influenced over a 100 businesses with its content, design and marketing skills. We have successfully delivered value by internalizing the brands that we promote, creating business and domain-focused original content and simply aligning to our customer goals. As a HubSpot partner, we now amplify further value delivered to our clients and move to a much desired outcome-centric model.