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How We Work

While we can’t cover our bedrock strategy, here is how we use structure, depth, intensity and measurability in our marketing approach.

A 4 stage process to build up a high performance enduing digital marketing capability

Working Model Structured & disciplined processes

QiWorks will appoint a Single-Point-Of-Contact (SPOC) for the engagement. The SPOC will be responsible for all communication with the Client, all deliverables and serve as the first point of escalation. QiWorks will strive to serve as an extension of the Client’s team. QiWorks will to the extent possible accommodate ad hoc requests and accelerated delivery schedules wherever possible. However for high quality of delivery and sustained reliability, QiWorks recommends at least 5 business days of lead time.

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    From Data to Deals: AI’s Impact on the B2B Lead Journey

    3rd July, 2024 | 2:00 PM IST