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Creating B2B websites that speak business.

    Earning and Holding Attention

    Websites continue and will continue to be the anchor of Business to Business (B2B) marketing. In today’s world, value is the ultimate decision influencer. Your website needs to capture and convey exactly that.

    Value-Focused Messaging

    Pull and not push. Let your prospects see what is in it for them. Not simply what you need to sell. The B2B world has evolved to now completely follow the rules of inbound marketing. Address questions and challenges by highlighting values and outcomes. Provide the right experience – one that makes your visitor feel like having navigating through and doing it readily without scratching the head.

    UI and Navigation

    Keep the messaging clear. The way you frame and present, and the placement of information is key. For example, while skimming through, say you find this link of a sample design, would it help you? Maybe, yes. But then it doesn’t serve our purpose of saying how it’s best not to distract you and just offer you answers basis our experience.


    So where to start? With questions. Chances are you have been marketing for a while now and you already know to whom you are selling. But it would help to pen it down again. Describe the personas, what their challenges are, the type of language they’re likely to respond to, and most importantly, the answer they’re looking for.


    Now let’s map that with what you are offering. Is it a service? Perhaps a tool, platform or a solution stack. How does that provide the answer to the challenge statement? Then point towards the benefits outside the obvious. Highlight just the absolute winners. Could be outcomes of any added value or engagement methodology, ease-of-use, adoption rate or simply cost.

    The Approach

    Once the groundwork is done, layout the information architecture for your new website. The information will define positioning of messaging. Layout the navigation, what goes on the menu, how many levels of navigation is required and what goes on each page. That’s the approach QiWorks takes for all B2B websites. Each one built with a certain different type of outcome.
    Information Architecture

    Crafting the Messaging

    Conceptualizing Design


    Now, here are a couple of sample sites built by us.

    Let us build your B2B Website.

    From Data to Deals: AI’s Impact on the B2B Lead Journey

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